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Joseph trains thousands of people around the world using scientific methods of Neuroencoding®. Want to do what Joseph does?

About Joseph McClendon III

The Ultimate Performance Specialist

Creator of the Neuroencoding® Method and Founder of the Neuroencoding Institute®

Joseph McClendon III is a renowned Neuropsychologist with a client list that includes Academy award winning celebrities, Olympic athletes, Broadway stars, and Fortune 100 CEOs. Over the last 35 years he’s become a world class speaker and presenter, sharing the stage alongside greats like Tony Robbins and Les Brown, and regularly speaking to audiences of 10,000 or more.

A New York Times best selling author, Joseph’s application of neuroscience to personal growth has earned him invitations to speak for institutions like Harvard University, and secured him a teaching position at the University of California Los Angeles.

His life’s work has been developing the brain science system known as neuroencoding®, which is the process for programming the mind and body to default to their best, no matter the circumstance or goal. Joseph is the Founder of The Neuroencoding Institute®, where he and his faculty certify others in the neuroencoding® methods and equip them with tools needed to help others default to their best too.

He is the host of the top ranking Further Faster Podcast, and a transformative presence in millions of lives through his social media channels. Joseph lives in Southern California with his son, and when he’s not teaching the brain science of neuroencoding®, you can find him playing bass guitar and gardening.

“Joseph is one of the most passionate and playful guys I have ever met. This is a guy that applies every tool imaginable to improve his life and help others do the same.”

Tony Robbins,
Top Life and Business Strategist

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What people are saying about Joseph

“Who motivates the motivator? Joseph McClendon III. What I love about him is he's heart-driven, educated in so many disciplines, and he's a person that was born to change lives. He's one of those individuals who's an elite. If you're ready to discover the next greatest version of yourself, if you're ready to bring out the greatness in you, if you're serious and hungry to take your life to the next level, Joseph McClendon III is the real deal.”

Les Brown

Motivational Speaker

“Joseph is an amazing force for good and a must have experience for anyone that desires to take their lives to the next level. For sure his dynamic style is mesmerizing but more importantly his methods and change.”

Tanika Ray

TV Host

“The impact of learning from this man is incredible. He brings out your inner super powers. You come away feeling like you can conquer the world. Amazing!”

Stephen Co

Master Pranic Healer

“It’s impossible to walk away from an experience with this man without having been deeply impacted to the point that you will take action and create major results. Simply amazing!”

Michelle Sorro


“Joseph McClendon made everything so easy! I went from desperation to inspiration. My business went from $250k per year to over a million a year with Joseph’s strategies and tools. His coaching has changed every area of my life! Best ROI on Investment I have ever made! My business exploded when I started applying Joseph’s tools and programs. ”

Carolyn Ozuna

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Joseph’s speeches, presentations, and workshops are dynamically inspiring, motivating, and empowering but motivation alone does not produce results. Personal performance enhancement learning is what ultimately changes the bottom line. All presentations produce direct results, and participants take away powerful tools to create enduring results and sustainable change in the future.


The Further Faster Podcast is a weekly dose of blazing hot topics on exactly how we function and how to use that information to get the very best out of ourselves. This powerful mixture of personal development, psychology fun and actionable strategies will spark your inner Badass and help you go Further Faster…NOW!


Become a professionally certified Specialist with the Neuroencoding Institute®. Experience the fulfillment of helping others transform their lives while you build a business that stands out from the masses. Join the 1,000’s of coaches already inside our global Institution, and get instant access to 26 hours of professionally filmed content from Dr. Joseph McClendon III.

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